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chronic_fatigue_syndrome About 7 years I was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia. The most any conventional doctor could tell me was there was no known cause, no cure and I would have to take anti-inflammatory medications for the rest of my life. While the causes are multiple and the cures aren’t simple, there is a lot I have learned about living with these two mysterious diseases. I want to outline some of the causes and cures for both Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) and Fibromyalgia (FM). Then I will tell you how alternative treatments and Essential Oils can help.

The first stop I want to take you to is the Holtorf Medical Center in Torrance, CA. This center is run by a doctor who was diagnosed with CFS/FM and found his own profession had no cure. So he went on a search to cure himself and started this clinic to help others do the same. The first thing they handed me was a handout that demonstrated the complexity of these diseases. What was most important was the box at the top called “Triggering Event.” They said the start of most CFS/FM sufferers could be traced back to some stressful event either physical, emotional or spiritual. I immediately recognized that my illness showed up after my mother’s death when I was 19. Just in the last couple of years a new science called Epigenetics has confirmed this line of thinking. Epigenetics is essentially the study of how your genetic code is expressed based on your environment, nutrition and social conditions. This field can explain how the epigenetic process can literally switch genes on and off. Knowing this factor makes it easy to understand why CFS/FM is so complex. Each and every person is unique in their genetic code, environment and experiences. So each case of CFS/FM has different underlying factors. Needless to say, your own ability to handle stress and emotional trauma is a vitally important component to managing your disease. Luckily, I have an oil that does just that! Before we go into that though, there are many two primary ways in which I manage stress.


The finest way is a healthy spiritual life that is rooted in someone greater than yourself. Life is not meant for us to go it alone and my belief in Jesus is my primary de-stressing tool. I know that He is ready and able to direct me just as soon as I ask.

Secondly, I have found Yoga to be a major help for stress relief. While I do not believe in the eastern philosophies that birthed yoga, I still find it a very useful tool. Yoga has also been an incredible for helping manage joint and muscle pain. It feels like a workout and a massage in one.


At the clinic in Torrance, the first symptom they addressed was insomnia. Sleep is very important for stress reduction and healing. CFS/FM sufferers often experience intense joint and muscle pain which prevents them from sleeping. At the height of my illness, I was taking multiple layers of pain medication just to be able to get to sleep. That didn’t mean I would stay asleep though. doTERRA has an essential oil joint pain formula that could play a crucial role in helping CFS/FM sufferers. Deep Blue is an incredible joint and muscle blend. While it might not solve all your pain, it will ease symptoms while you are addressing the root cause of your illness. Just recently I put the blend on two very sceptical people and one of them kept going on about how the pain was literally gone! It seems incredible, but it really does work. I wish I had these blends when I first learned about my disease.

The clinic also prescribed sleeping pills just until I could get into a healthy pattern again. To get me into this healthy pattern, they put me on progesterone because I was estrogen dominant. If you want to learn more about hormones and sleeping, click here.


doTERRA also has a calming blend called Serenity that has been very helpful for my and my families sleep patterns. In fact, doTERRA has a complete line of mood management oils that we use regularly. There is a grounding blend called Balance, an uplifting blend called Elevation and an invigorating blend called Citrus Bliss. These blends can be diffused into the air all day while you are at work, with the kids or just resting. They can be applied full strength or diluted to the bottom of your feet, wrists and chest.

The first step to healing your body is to get some sleep and accept that your body can’t handle additional stress. The fact that you have CFS/Fibro says that your body has already been taxed to its max and it needs a break from whatever environmental, genetic and stress factors it has been experiencing.

Stay tuned for ongoing blogs about this disease and its management.

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